Tourism and Hospitality Management

(Select 4 subjects only)


THM 301        Tour Operations and Travel Industry Management

This subject deals with the roles of tour operation and travel agency in the tourism industry and the rules governing the setting up of a travel agency. It offers knowledge and skills development in the management and operation of tour and travel agencies, which include itinerary planning tour packaging, tour costing, reservation methods, travel documentation and airline ticketing procedures.

THM 302        Current Issues & Trends in Tourism & Hospitality Industry

This subject deals with current issues/problems & events in the tourism and hospitality industry. It highlights the roles of government and private agencies in resolving and implementing policies relevant to tourism establishments. It also reviews the standard requirements imposed by the Department of Tourism on all types of tourism business establishments.

THM 303        Hospitality Management and Operations

This subject deals with the role of hospitality as part of the service industry. It identifies several types of hospitality operations which will be the main focus of the study. This includes hotel operations, food & beverage operations, resort operations, gaming, recreation & leisure management and operations, and theme park operations & management.

THM 304     Tourism & Planning Development

This subject deals with planning and development concepts that would help improve the tourism industry. A feasibility study or development plan is a terminal requirement to justify proposals and recommendations resulting from actual visits to undeveloped tourist destinations to develop the student’s ability to conceptualize innovative strategies for development.

THM 305        Consumer Behavior in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

This subject deals with current and applicable consumer behavior concepts for the tourism and hospitality industry. It also deals with behaviors affecting the said industry and how these would influence future developments and decisions.