Human Capital Management and Labor Relations

HRDLR 301 –Executive Training & Development

This subject deals with the training of personnel and executives and their development as human resources so that their skills and knowledge may be utilized by the company to the fullest. It includes discussions / concepts on how to become good and effective leaders of the organizations.

HRDLR 302 –Personnel and Industrial Relations

This study deals with the relationship between labor and management in the industry. It includes how to manage critical situations / conditions when conflict arises between the two forces, government intervention, and options.

HRDLR 303 –Introduction to Labor Law and Standards

This subject deals with labor laws and applicable to the workplace, more particularly the manager-employee rights and obligations.

HRDLR 304 –Fundamentals on Organizational Development

This subject deals with concepts & procedures involved in the development of organizational structures, behavior of the organization, and how they all affect the life and prosperity of the business/institution. It attempts to resolve some problems and issues confronting the organization in this aspect.