Productivity and Quality Management

PQM 301 – Process & Risk Management

This subject deals with the processes involved in risk management for the purpose of minimizing, or removing risk.

PQM 302 –Reliability Theory & Practices

This subject deals with statistically-oriented topics which have something to do with quality control in the area of manufacturing and other related industry activity and processes.

PQM 303 – Quality-Improvement Techniques, Strategy & Management

This subject includes mathematically-based quality assessment theories and practices for the purpose of improving quality of products, goods or services. It also includes topics, among others, as management commitment, education and training, Project Team, and Deming’s Fourteen Points.

PQM 304 – Productivity Measurement & Quality Management Assessment

This subject deals with the concepts and procedures on how productivity is measured to maintain efficiency and assessment of quality management which includes awareness on the part of the implementers, training of people, and technically the use of tools such as Time Series Analysis, and Graphs and Charts.