Marketing Management

(Select 4 subjects only)


MKTG 301 – Integrated Marketing Communication

This subject deals with the significant role that advertising and other promotional mix within a firm’s overall marketing and brand promotion programs. The discussion will dwell on how a firm communicates to consumers using a broad range of communication tools.

MKTG 302 – Essentials of Strategic Marketing

This subject deals with the application of concepts and processes in the design and implementation of market-driven strategies.  It requires the analysis and integration of markets, buyers, competitors, and the match between the organization’s distinctive capabilities and industry opportunities, to gain competitive advantage.

MKTG 303 – Global Marketing

This subject deals with the principles and practices of global marketing. The topics include the scope and challenges of international marketing, the cultural environment of global marketing management, and the corporate context of international marketing.

MKTG 304 – Special Topics in Marketing

This subject deals with the latest trends in marketing. Topics will revolve around current issues in the marketing-mix: product, pricing, distribution, promotion, and consumer behavior as well.

MKTG 305 – Product Planning & Development

This subject deals with the principles and methods of product planning and development.  Discussion includes elements of product and package design; product branding; packaging and labeling; product features; performance, salability. Discussions dwell on decisions concerning elimination of obsolete products and product development process.